Want to collect Tomica Diecast? Watch These Tips and Tricks First

Tomica is a Japanese company that produces miniature cars, or even cooler called Diecast. Generally, these miniatures are used as collections, because there are a lot of shapes and colors and are very unique. Just imagine, there are miniature Coca Cola truck cars, police cars, there are even Disney figures like Lightning McQueen.

For those of you who really like the automotive world as well as the world of cars, why not try it for the Tomica Diecast collection? If you really want to collect Diecast Tomica, you should consider the tips and tricks below first, let’s!

Tips and Tricks Collecting Tomica Diecast

Put it on the shelf
If you now have a lot of Diecast Tomica, you should just put your collection on a special shelf. Its function is to make your car’s miniature easier to tidy up and search. With this special rack, your car’s miniature will also be arranged more neatly, so you also have a special place to put your Diecast on. There are even many kinds of shelves for sale. Some are made from clear acrylic, wood, plastic, and so on. Please choose the rack that suits your preferences and needs.

Uniquely classified
Tips and Tricks Collecting Tomica Diecast – Ohayo.co.id
When placed on the shelf, please classify your Tomica Diecast. For example, you can arrange your miniature cars based on a series, or if you are bored with the look just like that, then you can arrange them based on color. For example, the first column contains a collection of cars in white, then the second column is red, and so on. If you want to be even more creative, then you can put a few cars on the shelves by including some empty space to enhance their appearance.

Diligently cleaned
Tips and Tricks Collecting Tomica Diecast – Ohayo.co.id
As with other items, your Tomica Diecast collection also needs to be cared for and cleaned. You can use a dry cloth to clean off dirt or dust. Avoid using water to clean it, because the miniature of your car can rust. Also, don’t forget to clean the shelves regularly.

Be aware of the budget
Tips and Tricks Collecting Tomica Diecast – Ohayo.co.id
Did you know that collecting Diecast is one type of hobby that is fairly expensive. Just like Hasbro Toys, Diecast can also be used as an investment because the price is expensive. Sometimes in one purchase, someone can just buy in large quantities. Given this Tomica Diecast has a lot of types, bent and interesting variety of colors. It feels like there is satisfaction when having it.