Want to collect a variety of rare hot wheels? Understand These 5 Tips!

For you newbies, the first step that must be done is to gather as much information. This information can you get online, through forums, mailing lists, or the blogs of the casters.

As for the offline way, you can get it through magazines or die-cast car catalogs that are usually available at bookstores. There is also a guidebook, which will provide information regarding the development of Hot Wheels from time to time. If you’re lucky, you can also get information in children’s magazines that happen to be reviewing this toy car.

That way, you can get to know a variety of characteristics of Hot Wheels cars. Starting from the type, size, until the matter of die-cast toy trends that are currently popular.

Determine the Car Series You Want Collected
Of the thousands of Hot Wheels cars available, you certainly can’t collect them all. Apart from requiring very large funds, not all types are still available on the market. Frequently, you will certainly be confused when choosing which type of car you want to collect. Whether to choose Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt, Hot Wheels AcceleRacers, Hot Wheels Classic, or others.

Therefore, it’s good if you first focus on one of the series. Make groupings based on type, type, color, scale, and make your choice. Thus, the process of finding a collection will be more directed and you will be easier to get information.

Join the Hot Wheels Lovers Community
There are many benefits that can be obtained when you join with those who have a similar love for something. You can exchange a lot of information, experience, and even important information regarding the development of Hot Wheels cars. Not only that, you can learn a lot from them related to tips and tricks to become a die-cast car collector.

Typically, this hobby community will routinely hold meetings or ground coffee (kopdar) by bringing their respective collections. At this moment, you can get a lot of new knowledge related to the type of Hot Wheels car and its characteristics.

In fact, not infrequently, there are also retailers who carry out trade transactions or barter (exchange collections) specifically among the community. Of course, buying and selling between fellow lovers is more friendly in price and more reliable in quality.

For those of you who are still confused about searching for communities, you can join forums or groups on social media like Facebook. Or, it can also be directly present at community gathering events that are usually routinely held in big cities.

Hunting Hot Wheels Online and Offline
Hunting for a rare collection of Hot Wheels certainly has its challenges. Starting from having to visit offline stores, such as malls, supermarkets, and toy stores. To have to surf in cyberspace, through online sales websites both inside and outside the country. Not only that, sometimes you also have to be diligent in visiting the gathering community of die-cast car lovers and toy exhibition events.

For those of you who live in big cities, visiting shopping centers and events is certainly not a problem. But it is different for collectors who live far from big cities, this can be a problem in itself.

The solution, you can use social media such as Facebook, Kaskus buying and selling forums (FJB), online store services such as Tokopedia or others, to find your target items. For those of you who have a Paypal account and credit card, the ebay.com auction site can also be visited.

However, before buying do not forget to pay attention to the seller’s reputation (seller) and the quality of the goods to avoid fraud.

Check Before Buying and Do not be tempted by cheap prices
Although the desire to collect Hot Wheels feels very passionate, try never to be tempted by low prices. Understand that the price of a Hot Wheels car is indeed quite diverse; ranging from 20 thousand to hundreds of thousands per item. If anyone offers goods far below the market price, you should be careful.

Perform a careful examination, given the current rampant rogue elements. For those of you who want to choose a new car, don’t ever want to buy a Hot Wheels that has an open wrapper. Because it could be, before the cheat has succeeded in replacing the item.

In fact, most recently, there have been product manipulations on items that are still wrapped in a seal / plastic. They indicated using chemicals to open the seal without damaging the blister’s inner paper. Anticipatory steps you can do is to kiss the car wrapper before buying. If you smell certain chemicals, you must be careful and you should choose