Want to be a Hot Wheels Collector? First Read This Let You Not Be Wrong!

Diecast is a toy that may never end. When you start collecting diecast it feels like a trip back to the early decades of the 20th century. Where manufacturers such as Tootsie Toys in the United States, or Dinky Toys in the UK first produced diecast toys.

Because the term ‘diecast’ refers to every product produced using the casting method, the first models on the market are small cars or vans without plastic windows.

However, over time, diecast is made of plastic and metal, or more commonly zinc and aluminum alloys, including aircraft and railroad models (although car models are still more favorite than others).

There are dozens of well-known brands including Auto Art, Del Prado, Altaya, Bandai, CMC, Exoto, Ixo, Jada, Johnny Lightning, Kyoso, Matchbox, Minichamps, Norev, Revell, Tekno, Tomica, UT Models, Vitesse, Racing Champions, Lledo, Herpa, Dragon Wings, and of course Hot wheels. Remember, bro! Do not underestimate this miniature vehicle (diecast), let alone the collectors. The reason is, there is a fantastic economic value behind the diecast.

But this time we will only discuss the most popular diecast brands and are sought after by diecasters and collectors in Indonesia, namely Hot Wheels. But not all Hot Wheels products can be used as collections by collectors. Well, Here are some types of Hot Wheels series that are sought after by many retailers and collectors in Indonesia

Movie Collection

Every year Hot Wheels releases several series of cars found in Movie and Cartoon Films. Where this series is a lot of enjoyment and the game hunted by collectors, especially these two series, Ghostbuster and A-Team.

JDM (Japanese Domestic market)

Japanese domestic market (JDM) is output or production cars from Japan. This type of Hot Wheels is very much sought after by collectors because Japanese cars are very cool both in terms of design and engine, such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Datsun, and others.

In addition, the reason is that Hot Wheels rarely issue Japanese-made car series. most cars made in America and Europe. Because that’s why this type of Hot Wheels also became the target material for the collection.

Ferrari Collection

Ferrari, or call it the prancing horse from Europe, becomes a diecast material hunted by Hot Wheels mafia collectors. That is because in 2014, Hot Wheels had decided on a contract with Ferrari. Hot Wheels automatically no longer produces the type of Ferrari, that’s what makes this diecast a lot in search because of its rarity.

Morris Mini Cooper

The rise of mini morris car lovers lately in Indonesia, it also turns out to be a toy driver. Cars that look classic and become private vehicles in the film Mr.Bean. Causing the diecatser to be poisoned Morris mini.

Treasure Hunts

This is the star of Hot wheels, Treasure Hunts or TH. Where this is the most special Hot Wheels series. Because every year Hot Wheels always release this series is very limited, aka really rare bro!

You can’t get there bro! TH is divided into two types, namely TH Regular and TH Super. Where the two are distinguished by a special mark, For TH Regular, there is a round flame logo on the car and blister or card wrapper.

While the TH Super is characterized by the TH Super logo and has rubber tires, as well as shiny paint colors that are different from other Hot Wheels. And this is the most sought after because it is very rare.