Very cool! This Man Builds a Hot Wheels Car Like a Plane Fighter

Hot Wheels is one of the brands of diecast or miniature cars that often make car replicas of various brands of metal material for body parts combined with plastic materials on the car’s interior.

Luis Rodriguez, a lover of American Hot Wheels made a breakthrough by building real-sized hot wheels. The car he built was a car that took the form of a fighter jet named 2JetZ.

Reported by Carscoops, Wednesday (10/31) this jet car was deliberately made as a modified car for the needs of the contest. To make it look more fierce and different, Rodriguez took fighter jets as his inspiration so that 2JetZ was more like a plane than a car.

Hot Wheels 2JetZ performs at an auto show in Las Vegas (Carscoops)
This car is built with aluminum body material with a custom chassis that accommodates a copotan engine mounted as a propulsion. They did not explain the details of the engine used but the engine power reached 600 hp.

This Hot Wheel model looks more perfect as an extreme racing car because the cabin contains only a single seat covered in glass canopy like a fighter jet pilot cabin. Rodriguez claimed to take graphics that are more fierce bomber style of World War II fighter planes.

Rodriguez’s brilliant work received rave reviews from Hot Wheels authorities and was chosen as a display car on a Hot Wheels tour to several countries to celebrate his 50th anniversary. Even Hot Wheels planned to produce it for the market with a real size scale of 1:64.

Regardless of the specifications, Rodriguez cars can be immediately owned by fans because they will be produced and go on sale globally next year. According to Senior Vice President and General Manager of Hot Wheels, Chris Down, 2JetZ looks very inspiring and should be appreciated.

“Seeing 2JetZ is like doing everything that is built from the ground up into an extraordinary work. The advanced design aesthetics will add to the variety of Hot Wheels and are a car that is loved by adults and children, “he said.