Understanding Diecast Scales

Currently, the number of diecast collectors in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly. The progress of information technology with the presence of the internet gives everyone access to develop this hobby on a more serious level. If in the past the collectors had to be willing to spend a lot of money to get their dream articles abroad, there are now several international sites that offer free shipping options, making the price offered much cheaper.

Talking about diecast hobbies in Indonesia will certainly not be separated from Hot Wheels cars, toys that have been circulating widely in large cities in the archipelago since the 90s are indeed interesting because they can be changed, traded and collected in bulk . Variants of the Hot Wheels cars that are produced exclusively have also contributed to this toy having good value in the market.

Hot Wheels Diecast Car Scale

In the world of diecast, scale has a major influence on the aesthetic value of a collection. If you want to make a diorama from a collection of diecast cars, uniformity of scale can give a neat and cool impression to your display circuit.

To give you a clear picture of the effect of scale on the aesthetic value of a collection, here’s a discussion for you:

1:12 scale

This scale can be said to be the most exclusive diecast scale, because the prices of different brands of diecast with this scale can hit the tens of millions of rupiahs. This fantastic number is due to the extraordinary detail on the outside and the interior of the car and the size is quite large. For those of you with excess pockets, having a diecast with this scale can increase your prestige and give the impression of “expensive” to the aesthetics of your collection.

1:18 scale

This premium diecast scale is almost at the 1/12 scale level, it is only that the price is indeed a bit “cheaper”. On this scale, diecast cars are usually around 38 cm in size with amazing details. Diecast prizes on this scale range from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of rupiah.

1:24 scale

Many collectors call this dish a “middle class”. This is because this scale has a diecast size that is not large, but also not too small, like a Hot Wheels car. For those of you who don’t have the extra budget to buy a 1:12 or 1:18 scale and think the 1:43 scale is too small, this scale is the best alternative to collection.

1:32 scale

The 1:32 scale is often named with the same class as the 1:24 scale. This assumption is reasonable because the length of the diecast with this scale differs only a few centimeters from the scale of 1:24. On this scale, diecast usually still has fairly full details of the hood and doors that can be opened to the interior of the car that looks like the original. Some premium diecast brands even offer extra details about products on this scale, so no less than the scale above such as 1:18 or 1:12.

1:43 scale

Then there is a scale of 1:43. Diecast scale dominated by the Auto Art, Kyosho, Minichamps and Ixo brands This model usually costs hundreds of thousands of rupiahs. Diecast cars on this scale are usually sold with acrylic boxes, so that they look more exclusive.

Hot Wheels Diecast Car Scale Size

Although not expensive, diecast has pretty good details on this scale. Even some molded 1: 64 format have details that almost resemble the scale on it. The quality of this detail is certainly strongly influenced by the manufacturer, the price and the series.

1:64 scale

This scale is the most “populist” scale for diecast fans and collectors. Ranging from first-class collectors to small-scale classes, they usually start their diecast-collecting hobby on this scale. This scale is used in most Hot Wheels car products on the market. The price of diecast cars that use this scale is usually very cheap, so that it can be reached for all collectors.

With a good setup, this mini-cast diecast can offer more aesthetic value for your collection. Especially in combination with an attractive display case. Guaranteed that nobody would have thought that your diecast collection was only purchased for tens of thousands of rupiah.

Scale 1:76 and 1:87

If you think that a Hot Wheels car is very small, there appear to be even smaller types of diecasts, namely diecast cars on the scale of 1:76 and 1:87. Surprisingly, the type of diecast in this segment has a higher price than the larger size diecast, which is around 150 to 500 thousand per item.

Some well-known diecast brands on this scale are Schuco, Herpa, Wiking and Corgi. For cheaper product variants, you can try Cararama and Highspeed products.

So a small explanation about a scale that you need to know. To add the aesthetic value of the collection, there are several methods you can do, such as creating a custom display cabinet, using LED lighting and physically modifying your favorite Hot Wheels car.