Tomica Diecast Toy Car from Japan

9f729c4a-f749-4b79-b632-6f33ab93172eTomica is one of the diecast brands originating from Japan. This brand is produced by a well-known toy company named Takara Tomy or Tomi Co. Well, Tomica die cast was first produced in 1970. Before producing its die cast which with various models and scales, Tomica was only made for models called 3 inches.

Actually, almost all die cast has a characteristic. Whether of shape, type, scale. Tomica itself has a characteristic by displaying replicas of Japanese-made cars, from ancient times until now the most recent. This die cast is made as closely and as detailed as possible, starting color, shape, design, until all. Tomica likes a lot of people because of its realistic shape, is real, and most of the cars are on the road. like alphard, x trail, honda civic, nissan gtr, n much more.


The company, which was founded in 1924, produces Tomica in black box packaging that is called domestic, because the replicas of the cars made are indeed inspired by Japanese cars themselves.

In 1974 Tomica spread its wings to America. For that reason, make a foreign Series, with a characteristic blue and white box called pocket cars. More interesting, in 1976 the car was added by imitating cars made in Germany, England, Italy, France, and America, but in 1988 Tomica combined the 2 series. with the name Tomica Regular, which is characterized by red and white squares

Tomica is increasingly being liked, new series have been made until now Tomica has made series series such as gift sets (tomica which contains 4 cars in 1 box and its variants are more unique), tomica limited (few in number, and more detailed), tomica long (tomica is long in length like a long truck), tomica town (building accessories so that if it has been collected it can become a miniature city!), tomica dandy (larger size).