Tips on buying diecast toys

Toy collecting is a hobby that does not recognize humans, as we get older, toys that are collected are no longer played but are on display and for some types of toys, the historical value of the collection can even be used as money. Like diecast for example, toys made with metal have various shapes, and the most famous one is diecast in the form of cars with various scales, from small to large.

The first commercial diecast series were made by LesneyMatchbox 1-75 series and along with the development, many manufacturers around the world also made Diecast, including Takara Tomy from Japan, and also Hot Wheels made by Mattel from the United States. As mentioned earlier, the diecast series from each manufacturer have their own uniqueness, and some series are released in a limited manner such as racing car series with historical years, or cars used in films, series in collaboration with other products, and etc. Collecting diecast can be an investment, especially if the items that you have belong to the rare or rare group. If you are interested in starting to collect, both for sijagoan, or for yourself, there are some tips for buying the best diecast that who knows in the future, can be an investment.

Take good care of diecast
Care is very important but often overlooked. The first thing you must do to keep the diecast in good condition is to keep it at room temperature and clean it from dust regularly. For serious collectors, they usually buy maintenance tools or detailing kits and they are used routinely according to their age and condition.

Save the diecast in the appropriate place
Collectors usually store in the display case and other storage because it protects the diecast from dust. Display cases are available in various sizes and can store a lot of your collection. Because it protects your diecast from dust, maintenance you can do is enough to wipe the display case only.

Monitor news about prices and diecast industries
To pursue a diecast hobby, you can monitor prices from several sites and publications about diecast. Thus, you can record your collection and monitor the price every month. This method can facilitate you to collect while investing diecast.

Know the diecast condition grades
Collectors who collect antique and vintage cars usually adjust the prices of diecast conditions which are not too good as the output of the 1970s. By knowing the diecast grade, you can measure the value of each diecast that you want to collect or invest.

Start with a scale of 1/64
The scale of diecasts is very diverse, starting from large scale like 1/12 and 1/18 to small ones like 1/87 and 1/148. The 1/64 scale is the most popular and available on the market, so for beginners, the 1/64 scale is the most appropriate scale to begin with. Because of its relatively small size, it is not difficult to display it.

Opened or not
Diecast that is still in the packaging and with the condition of the packaging that is still good will be more expensive than those that are already outside the packaging. Therefore, many collectors who buy more than one for a relatively new diecast, one on display, and the other is stored in the packaging.

Buy a new diecast as soon as possible
If you are aiming for a new type of diecast, you should immediately buy it without considering whether in the future it will become a rare item. Diecast production usually decreases with time, and the longer it will become more expensive along with the depletion of availability in the market and in large retail stores. Therefore, don’t waste time buying diecast models that you like, and buy it while it is still cheap and available on the market. In addition, buying two with the same model can you make a fishing pitch to exchange with other collectors when it’s already a rarity because you won’t lose your collection and exchange the others.

Buy a new diecast while discounting
If there are models that have not been released and provide discounted prices, you can buy them before they are released to the market, pre-orders usually provide a diecast set with other models and you get a much cheaper price than those bought when they are available. In addition you can buy in large quantities or wholesale at lower prices.

Bid when buying a vintage diecast
By knowing the best prices and conditions of vintage diecast, you can use your knowledge as a price tag when bargaining rather than directly buying the price offered by the seller.

Buy a diecast that you really like
For beginners, don’t be tempted directly with vintage diecast but buy the model you like, because the collection you have is what you enjoy yourself when you display it. If you don’t like whatthat you collect, it is not in accordance with the wishes of collecting itself. Other factors such as the value in the long range or as an inducement to be exchanged for another car can appear accidentally.