The World’s First Hot Wheels, Made by Original Car Designers

Hot Wheels have become toys as well as collections, not only for children, but also for adults.

I don’t know how many units have been circulating at hand, and how many early editions have survived intact, considering that the age of Hot Wheels itself is almost 50 years.

The first Hot Wheels in the world were made in 1968. The story begins with Mattel’s idea to make toys for boys and keep up with Barbie.

The world’s first Hot Wheels are a set of die cast metal toys now known as “The Original 16” or “Sweet Sixteen”.

As the name implies, there are sixteen models launched first, and all of them thicken the Hot Wheels tradition which then continues as a custom die cast manufacturer.

The sixteen models are Beatnik Bandit, Barracuda, Camaro, Corvette, Cougar, Eldorado, Firebird, Fleetside, Mustang. T-Bird, Volkswagen, Deora, Ford J-Car, Hot Heap, Python, and Silhouette. All use red-striped tires so they are known as the “Red Line” edition.

Interestingly, most of these cars are made by designers who do work for real car production.

He is Harry Bentley Bradley and has a record as a prototype car designer Dodge Deora and Custom Fleetside, two cars that were finally made in the mini version.

There is no further information about the very first Hot Wheels produced in the “The Original 16” or “Sweet Sixteen” package released in 1968. That said, the first is the dark blue Camaro muscle car.