The Difference of Hot Wheels with Other Brands

Hot Wheels has made more than 4 billion cars in 50 years. This amount is much more than a car that can be driven. Hot Wheels has its own fanatic fans among collectors. There are four things that distinguish Hot Wheels from comparable car toys such as Tomica, Matchbox or Majorette.


The price of the Hot Wheels series is basically cheap compared to other cars. However, the price of Hot Wheels may be higher for limited collection editions such as Treasure Hunt.

The design

The advantages of the design of Hot Wheels are the appearance of wheels that have better, more detailed and many variations. Moreover, metallic colors and striking graphics are also striking features of this car.


Hot Wheels combine a metal body and a hard plastic chassis. This makes the car lighter and maneuverable while driving on the road.


With a number of different car production each launch, the price of Hot Wheels can rise quite high when certain variants are hard to find. This makes Hot Wheels rare and more often collected by wheels.

That is a glimpse of the history of Hot Wheels. Are you ready to add to your Hot Wheels collection?