The Best Brand of Diecast Cars You Can Buy

Diecast is not just a toy car. But for many people, a diecast is a miniature car with stunning details that resemble the original car so it is worthy of being used as a collection.

Especially for car enthusiasts who love cars, looking at the diecast of a dream car has become its own preoccupation. So what are the best diecast brands for you who want to collect this diecast? Come on, check out the seven best diecast brands you can have!

1. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is considered one of the most famous brands in Indonesia because it is easily purchased and available at an affordable price. We can even find diecast Hot Wheels in supermarkets.

Hot Wheels provides a variety of diecast with sizes ranging from 1: 64.1: 24 to 1:18 with stunning details and features such as doors and hood that can be opened. The price also varies , depending on the details and size.

2. Tomica

One alternative to buying diecast with the same class other than Hot Wheels is Tomica which is a brand of a large toy manufacturer in Japan Takara Tomy. The diecast car issued by Tomica for entry level looks a bit more detailed compared to Hot Wheels, but the price offered is also higher.

In addition, Tomica also divides its diecast series such as premium series with better details, Tomica Dream series which contains cars in anime such as Initial D, Tomica Regulery which contains cars sold in general such as Honda Jazz, Suzuki Wagon and even Toyota Avanza to Tomica Limited Vintage which contains famous old school cars.

3. Matchbox

Matchbox is still a parent company with Hot Wheels so it will also be easy to find in stores. The price is also affordable with smaller sizes offered at 1:75. The colors of Matchbox car products are very eyecathcing, they also issue heavy vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps and tow trucks.

4. Bburago

This Italian diecast brand is known for its product detail. The materials used are also quality with paint that is safe for children. Detailed diecast to the inside of the car to the quality rubber wheels you can find in products from Bburago.

Bburago itself currently holds exclusive rights to use Ferrari car models up to its F1 team. Wow, the panties of the Ferrari diecast are so cool!

5. Autoart

Autoart is a Hong Kong brand that can make diecast with precision so that it looks like an original car. Has a small size of 1:64 to 1:12 large size, this diecast provides special car models such as exotic cars, sports cars to super performance cars.

Diecast is not only made of metal, these Autoart cars are made of special plastic with a fixed frame and inner layer of metal. The advantage, the paint becomes smoother and more durable than paint on metal.

Interestingly, Autoart makes a very detailed diecast to the inside, the engine and small details such as grill holes that are actually made with holes like the original car. But this will also affect prices that can reach millions of dollars..