Rare Diecast Characteristics

Each diecast brand has special markings. If we are observant, it is quite possible to find “treasure”. Which is a rare die cast. All you know is Hot Wheels, Tomica and Greenlight

1.Hot Wheels

For Hot Wheels there are 2 series of rare Hot Wheels. Namely Treasure Hunts and Special Marks.

Treasure Hunts

Every year Hot Wheels always releases a limited number of Treasure Hunts series and are very rare. Fortunately, the packaging has a special green color on the writing. Uniquely, there are 2 kinds of Trasure Hunts. Namely, the usual Treasure Hunts aka plastic wheels and Super Treasure Hunts or rubber wheels. The super one has the writing T-Hunts (but there are also some that don’t say T-Hunts, only with rubber wheels) while the usual writing is Trasure Hunts.

In addition to the Treasure Hunts series, there are special signs that we can look at on the Hot Wheels package. For example, the Green Lantern logo is on the Hot Wheels model ’71 Dodge Chalangger. This is quite rare, because it was made specifically for the film Green Lantern (see picture above).

2. Tomica

This Japanese die-cast brand has a special mark for the first edition die-cast that was released. The sign is a small sticker that reads new 2011 on the packaging. The specially marked Tomica die-cast is considered more prestigious by Tomica collectors. The problem is the initial output.

3. Greenlight

This high-end die-cast version is usually fairly exclusive. Because expensive prices are made in limited quantities plus cool details. But among these versions, there are versions that are even rarer. Namely the Green Machine version. Characteristics of die-cast green on the underneath and rim. Because the packaging is clear blister so immediately visible. Even the cards are green.