My Custom Fleetside ( Hotwheels ) Review

First I will review the Hot Wheels Custom Fleetside. There are 2 Custom Fleetside that I bought, namely the 2003 Convention edition and the 2004 Real Riders on 15 April 2014 (yep, this is an old collection).

Custom Fleetside is one of 16 Hot Wheels production lines that was first introduced in 1968 by Mattel, this may be the original addition to Beatnik Bandit. Custom Fleetside doesn’t seem to have many variants, from the list I saw at, there are only 6 variants (after retool (revision, modification) in 1970), 2 of which are my collection. And based on Wikia’s Hot Wheels information, there are 2 Custom Fleetside production variants, the U.S and Hong Kong versions. Both the US and Hong Kong editions, all released in 1968 and dominated by Spectraflame colors. It was only in 2004, Custom Fleetside was released for the Real Riders edition, and not using Spectraflame colors, but black.

Okay enough of the article, now we review the product directly. Please remember that this is just what I value directly from the product I bought. I might mention minor scratches, but not too many, and so do my opinions. The purpose of me to write this is to be a reference for those of you who also want to collect.

First, maybe for El Camino fans or pickups will like this type of Hot Wheels, because the designer Harry Bradley made them from the modified 1964 Chevy El Camino (some also mention the Chevrolet C10 Fleetside)

Okay, what I first review is the 2003 edition of the Custom Fleetside Convention. Spectraflame Pink car, matching the blister. Ban uses the 2002 RL type (if I’m not mistaken, because at first glance the 2002 edition is similar to the 1968 edition, but I’m assuming it’s not the 1968 edition because its production period has ended in 1977) whose production date is from 2002 to the present (non-rubber front and back plastic). The back body is black with the 35 Anniversary logo the same as the blister logo and in my opinion is good. The bottom (car base) is not painted and it says HOT WHEELS Custom Fleetside (c) 1968 Mattel, inc. CHINA 2003. One more, this edition was produced as many as 10,000 pieces and my number 03078.

The back of the blister plastered 2 other cars, namely Deora and Deora II, the Anniversary logo in the middle of the top, then the hologram number and license from the GM logo there.

The second review came from the Custom Riderside edition of Real Riders series 3. Just like most Real Riders, the blisters are generally the same. But this time it’s dark blue, not black. The diecast itself is black, not Spectraflame like its siblings. Overall is actually the same as the Anniversary edition, only the difference lies in the tire and bed. Tires use RR5SP rubber tires, while the bed / back is plain black. Fire tampo design is a combination of yellow, red and blue. Black interior. The back is printed on the top left hologram with a total production of 10,500 and all I have is the 09705 series. The bottom part is unpainted and says HOT WHEELS Custom Fleetside (c) 1968 Mattel, inc. CHINA 2003.

Now for those of you who like the Hot Riders Real Riders variant, this is a must have, so for car lovers, or El Camino fans? I think it’s worthed you have Custom Fleetside.

Okay that’s all my review, stay tuned in the next review.