Must Have Items For Die-Cast Collector

Die cast is one of the many toy lines in the collection, especially by men. Starting from the toddlers to those who already have children, there are many who like to collect toy cars. So it’s not surprising that producers continue to compete in releasing die-cast collections that are unique and quality every year.


1. Mattel Disney Cars 3 Piston Cup Collection Set
For Disney fans, you must know the figure of Lightning McQueen and friends. They are the hero cars that appear in Cars, Disney animated films and Pixar. As a die-cast collector, it’s a shame that you don’t have a series of the most iconic cars in pop culture.

For quality, there’s no need to doubt, because the process is very neat and detailed. With these 10 Disney die-cast collections, your collection rack will become more colorful and colorful!

2. Jada The Dark Knight Batmobile & Batman
If you happen to be a fan of the Batman trilogy made by Christopher Nolan, don’t miss this die-cast. This Jada production toy comes in 1:24 scale with metal and plastic materials. The coloring results on this product are also classified as very neat and detailed, especially on the wheels.

To make it even cooler on your collection rack, this die-cast is also equipped with a Batman figure that is ready to be paired with its flagship car. Class!

3. Tomica Honda N One Set Mix Diecast [1:64]
This time Tomica released a die-cast set for the Honda N series. With its model and color, all three of these die-cast collections appeared exasperated on a scale of 1:64. This die-cast car is produced neatly with high quality paint and realistic tire material. Even the four wheels in the die-cast are also equipped with suspension, you know! Special right?