Matchbox, Diecast at an affordable price for children

matchbox-logoDiecast toy car Matchbox is one of the oldest diecast in the world, Matchbox is small, printed diecast and detailed according to the actual model of the vehicle, small enough to be held by children in their hands. Discovered half a century ago, Matchbox became one of the best and is known as a toy brand from the UK and is still sold today

First introduced by the name of Jack Odell, a van driver, cinema projectionist, housing agent, engineer, and later, a talented toy maker, who died at the age of 87.

What is surprising is that inspiration for Odell was not from his childhood obsession with vehicles, but from his daughter, Anne. At school, there is a prohibition for students to carry any toys that cannot fit in a matchbox. Anne was happy enough to fill the matchbox with spiders and other crawling animals.
However, one day, in 1952, his father gave him something more memorable to show to his friends.


In Anne’s matchbox, she slipped a miniature road-roller (from Aveling Barford) which she had made of brass and shiny red and green painted. This became famous among Anne’s friends; they want the same toy, and this is where the legend of Matchbox was born.

Since then, more than 12,000 different models, and more than 3 billion miniature vehicles, have been produced and purchased in 130 countries under the Matchbox banner. The bestseller of all, at the time was a Ford type A car model, while one of the most popular was the shovel-nose tractor.


One reason Matchbox is able to survive is that they sell for kids’ allowance. Some of the original models have even been used as a rare example of an early Matchbox production model, some models even obtained a rare status from collectors and caused frequent bidding by the collector during the auction.