Like Hunting Hot Wheels Up Around the World? Know the First Everything About Hot Wheels!

hot wheelsAre you a Hot Wheels collector, a toy replica-shaped original car? If yes and you are a true collector to often hunt Hot Wheels to travel around the world while on vacation, try to find out the sundries about toys that were first produced and introduced by the American toy company called Mattel.

1. Hot Wheels = Replica of the original car

In general, Hot Wheels are replicas of original cars on a scale of 1:64, 1:43, 1; 18 or 1:50. In addition to removing works from original car replicas, not infrequently the production cars of Hot Wheels are imaginary works. Also, there are also Hot Wheels products in the form of imaginary cars only.

2. Annual Hot Wheels catalog

Every year, Hot Wheels always releases a collection of different cars, and you won’t get two exact same Hot Wheels cars in different years. Hot Wheels production every year makes these toy car models very much. Until finally they released the annual catalog by category. This category is also not always the same every year, and has the characteristics and advantages of each. Here’s an example of the Hot Wheels category in 2019 :

HW Rescue, the category of Hot Wheels car that has no fear and is quick to respond in saving the situation.
HW Race Team, a Hot Wheels car category inspired by racing cars.
X-Raycers, the Hot Wheels car category that is very fast when walking on racetracks.
3. Hot Wheels Limited Edition released at certain moments

There are several Hot Wheels with the title “Limited Edition” and are generally released only at certain moments, one of which is Hot Wheels 2011 and Wheldon. This product was released in commemoration of the death of racer Dan Wheldon and is considered unique. Because this type is wrapped with rubber tires like an original car, not using plastic tires.

4. Hot Wheels production defects more in demand

Recorded products are usually instead avoided by buyers or collectors. But, in fact this does not apply to Hot Wheels collectors. It is precisely the existence of production defects such as peeling pictures, the absence of glass or tires, so that there is no writing on the car to be unique so that it becomes the target of collectors.

5. There is a collection of Treasure Hunt and Super Treasure Hunt

Since 1995 until now, Hot Wheels has produced the Treasure Hunt (T-Hunt) series with a quantity of 10,000 units worldwide. Well, if you’re lucky, you can find this collection while on holiday abroad. To get this series, you can see the difference on the packaging label. There is marked a green line that reads “Treasure Hunt” or “T-Hunt” or a picture of a treasure box on the packaging. However, since 2013, the Treasure Hunt series can be recognized by the distinctive Hot Wheels flame ring logo on the body of the car.

As for the Super Treasure Hunts series, it can be found in car collections with tires made of rubber coated with darker matte or matte paint. The wheels are different and display a realistic impression. This series is clearly a target of collectors because it is more valuable than the regular series.

In 2019, Hot Wheels had 30 categories with a total of 250 types of cars in its catalog. Of the 250 types of cars, including 50 cars with new models, 15 Treasure Hunts, and 15 Super Treasure Hunts.