Like Cars, Diecast Can Also Be Modified Too !

Like a car for everyday vehicles, it turns out Diecast or mini vehicle version (toys) can be modified too, you know, especially on a scale of 1:18. This modification can be in the form of changing wheels, repainting, and tidying up the interior.

“Yes, most often Diecast 1:18 cars like this are replaced with wheels,” said Stanley S, one of the organizers of the Oneighteenth Indonesian community when talking with us.

“But there are some custom that change the body such as the length, re-colored, until fiddling with the interior (also colored),” he continued.

In general, a vehicle that has been modified must give up one of its functions or comfort, as well as on the Diecast. Stanley on the same occasion claimed that if the 1:18 scale toy has been changed to its wheels, the car can not be invited to walk again.

“Well, the drawbacks are that if the wheels have been replaced, the car cannot run. But indeed the Diecast is not to be played like a toy car, but to be displayed. So it doesn’t matter, huh,” Stanley concluded.