How Much Does Diecast Modification Cost?

Although only a mini version of an ordinary vehicle, it turns out Diecast also has a spectacular price when modified or custom. With a different time duration, the cost of workmanship and equipment for 1:18 scale mini car parts can cost you up to $ 200!

“For the price of the modification is varied. There are cheap to millions, depending on the level of difficulty of workmanship and the availability of parts,” said one of the organizers of the Oneighteenth community, Stanley S.

For example, continued Stanley, in the part that is often done custom or modification in the 1:18 scale Diecast ie the rim can spend around $ 50 including the cost of the process. That is because a good rim for a scale car must be imported directly from Germany.

“The most frequently given part of cosmetics in Diecast 1:18 is the rim. Now for the rim because on average we bring it from Germany (because it is good from there), it usually can get a $ 50 charge including the cost of workmanship. But depending on the type of car and You have a rim, “Stanley said.

“Interestingly, if the owner is creative he can add parts with his own imagination using items that are not too expensive such as paper clips, plastic and others,” he continued.

Because, not a few owners of Diecast 1:18 in the community do that. Although sometimes the results are not too maximal, it can add more value to the mini car version.

“Here, like one of our community, he made his own Jeep car to be longer. Okay also the results,” concluded Stanley.