Hot Wheels Sundries That You Should Know

Who doesn’t know Hot Wheels (HW)? These cars you must find very often everywhere, ranging from toy shops, bookstores, mini markets, supermarkets, even in a favorite snack as a gift.

Hot Wheels were produced and first introduced by an American toy company named Mattel in 1968. In general, Hot Wheels are replicas of original cars with a scale of 1:64, 1:43, 1:18 or 1:50.

However, it is not uncommon for Hot Wheels to issue imaginary or imaginary cars. The following are the sundries about Hot Wheels that are worth your attention.

Hot Wheels will always release different toy cars each year. However, you will not be able to find two Hot Wheels cars from the same different year. There will always be a slight difference, whether it’s the color of the paint or the type of tire used.

Because of the many toy car models, Hot Wheels decided to always release an annual catalog of Hot Wheels toy car models that are divided by category. The Hot Wheels category is not necessarily the same every year. To be sure, each category has its own characteristics and advantages.

Here are some examples of the Hot Wheels category from 2016:
-HW Rescue, the category of Hot Wheels car that has no fear and is quick to respond in saving the situation.
-HW Race Team, a Hot Wheels car category inspired by race cars.
-X-Raycers, the Hot Wheels car category that is very fast when walking on racetracks.
-and others.

Collect Hot Wheels

Currently, Hot Wheels has been widely collected, both by children and adults. Hot Wheels cars that are usually worth around two tens of thousands of rupiah will immediately skyrocket in price to hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah if the car model has not been produced and is not marketed by its retailers. Yes, indeed not all Hot Wheels car models will be collected. Only certain models that are considered rare or unique are usually the target of collectors.

The following are the types of Hot Wheels car models that are considered rare or unique:

1. Hot Wheels Limited Edition released in certain moments


Examples are Hot Wheels 2011 and Wheldon. This one car is considered special because it was released to commemorate the death of racer Dan Wheldon. In addition, this car is also considered unique because unlike Hot Wheels in general which has plastic, this car actually has rubber tires like an original car.

2. Hot Wheels with errors / defects in production

Hot Wheels production defects such as no writing, pictures, glass, tires or other production defects are indeed rare. The funny thing is, this production defect does not actually make the collectors reluctant to buy it, but instead makes them competing to hunt it down because it is considered unique.

3. Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt
Well, this is what reportedly made a trend to collect Hot Wheels. In 1995, Hot Wheels began producing the Treasure Hunt (T-Hunt) series, which numbered only 10,000 units worldwide. Since then, the number of Treasure Hunt series Hot Wheels has continued to increase due to the increasing demand for the series. The Hot Wheels of the Treasure Hunt series can be distinguished from the labels on the packaging. This label is different each year, some are marked with a green line that says “Treasure Hunt” or “T-Hunt” or a picture of a treasure box on the packaging. Since 2013, the Treasure Hunt series can be identified by the distinctive Hot Wheels flame ring on the body of the car.

4. Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt is slightly different from ordinary Treasure Hunt. The tires on Super Treasure Hut or TH $ are made of rubber and use darker matte or glossy paint. Rims or wheel velks used are also different, look more realistic and beautiful. Surely Super Treasure Hunt is a more valuable target for interested ones.

In 2016 alone, Hot Wheels had 30 categories with a total of 250 types of cars in its catalog. Of the 250 types of cars, including 50 cars with new models, 15 Treasure Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts.