Hot Wheels Racing Tips For Beginners

Hot Wheels is a metal toy car (die-cast) produced by children’s toys manufacturer, Mattel Inc., United States, since 1968, which also manufactures branded toy cars.

Hot wheels are very popular with kids – adults, why do adults still like hot wheels? This hot wheels car is very unique, not all people know that all of their cars are produced in mediocrity, there are rare hot wheels cars for collection and also for racing. for now we will discuss hot wheels racing tips for beginners.
For most people hot wheels racing is a normal thing because all hot wheels cars can be used for racing, but if we analyze there are some that we must understand. For those of you who are going to try the hot wheels race for the first time, I will give you some tips:

1. Track Hot Wheels

Before we race, we have to see how the track will become the race. There are two categories of race tracks, they are drag race / straight track and loop. like the picture below:

This is a straight track drag race. it looks straight without obstacles, but there is a trap waiting that is a jump, if we analyze wrongly then our car will jump off the track or it could get off track.

this is a track loop. This track is often used for racing because it is very popular with racers. hot wheels will go through the circle then jump and go straight.

2. The car that will be used for racing

for drag racing, look for a long car and never use a car with big tires because it will easily jump off the track, one of the cars that I recommend is a Govner and Nitro Doomslammer. while
for race track loops and jumps for this track look for a car that is stable in circles and jumps. one car that I recommend Formula series cars.

3. Tunning the car before the race

Tunning is to sharpen the wheels of the car, before racing it is better to d tunning the car first with a special tuning for hot wheels cars you can get it at online shopping. If you go to the expensive to buy it can also modify the toy car.

4. Hot wheels oil wheels

Oil for hot wheels car wheels are mostly found in various online shopping. But remember not to use too much oil because after using it must be able to clean it if not cleaned it will stick dust dust on the wheels and will be slow for the rotation of the wheels.