Hot Wheels Car Recommendations for Loop Track Racing

Hello , this time I want to give a recommendation on the type of car for the Hot Wheels racing world.

With so many variations of existing cars, of course, will have doubts to determine what type of car will be included in a Hot Wheels racing event.

Hot Wheels racing itself in the outline there are 2 types of tracks, namely the type of straight track and the spinning track or commonly called “loop”.

Now, what I want to explain here is for a rotating track or “loop track.” Indeed, Hot Wheels racing has nothing to do with the ability of the people, purely racing by relying on luck.

But apart from just being lucky, the choice of car type is also important, because not all Hot Wheels cars are able to pass the loop track. I recommend the following cars not to be of origin you know, but indeed from my experience and observations during participating in several racing events, and of course I have tasted the beauty of champion 1, yes, do you want to give recommendations but have you never got a podium? isn’t it really? hahay … okay let’s look at the following cars:

1. Pharadox
No doubt the distance has crossed the globe in the world of racing, with such a design, the Pharadox is the most widely used car on the loop track, which is not infrequently the fastest.

2. Vandetta
The short car design makes Vandetta easily bulldoze the loop track. Just like the Pharadox, this car is also popular in following loop track racing.

3. Spectyte
Well, one was also superior, had brought me to enjoy the sweetness of the first place and many ranked top.

4. Rogue Hog
This car can also be a mainstay, with a sporty design to provide downward pressure that makes the speed faster, I’ve also seen this car go up to the podium.

5. Double Demon
This car is also no stranger to loop tracks, it has been popular for a long time. When viewed from the shape does not show the strength of racing in racing, but make no mistake, I once you got crushed by this car.

So that the cars that I can recommend, actually there are many more types of cars that are no less fast, but with consideration because this is already in 2018, the cars are still easy to get at the nearest mini market, rather than old cars, just call it Govner or Diesel Boy, a loop track legend, now I think it’s hard to get it except to buy online.

Once again I want to explain, Hot Wheels racing is purely a luck factor, as for tips to speed up the pace of the car maybe later I will share my experience in participating in racing events.