Here Are Types of Hotwheels that Can Be Collected

Hotwheel cars are diecast toy products issued by Mattel. Now there are many hobbyists who are interested in this small car for collection. For you for the first time and start a collection of hotwheel, it never hurts to read the article Types of hotwheel commonly collected.

Hotwheels usually issue a collection based on the year where every year a different car is always issued. Usually for each year a lot of different LOTs will come out, where in 1 LOT will be different from other LOTs (eg LOT E will be different from LOT J). In the 2018 collection Hotwheels released 15 LOTs (boxes) with different die cast contents for each box.

Below is a type of Hotwheels term that is usually much sought after by collectors:

1. Treasure Hunts (T-Hunt)

For the Treasure Hunt type (or often referred to as T-Hunt) is a rare and high-priced Hot Wheels product for collectors. The characteristics of the treasure hunt hotwheels are the flame logo and if SUPER T-HUNT has the TH on the car body, the car tire is also made of rubber rather than plastic. For the regular type, it only costs around 30 thousand Rupiah, but with the same type of car and is a TH, it can be priced up to 900 thousands Rupiah.

2. Hot Wheels Boulevard.

Hot Wheels Boulevard type is the type of hot wheels of legendary cars that are very famous and become a pioneer in the automotive world. This unique series began to be released in 2012. The Hot Wheels Boulevard car has 3 categories such as Legend, Show Rods, and Concept Car.

3. Hollywood Hot Wheels & Hot Wheels Toon

This type is a hotwheel model issued for famous cars through widescreen movies, or television films, such as James Bond, Fast and Furious cars, Ghostbuster, Until Need for Speed, The A Team, Knight Rider and so on.

Hot Wheels Toon specializes in cars used in animated or cartoon films such as the Hot Wheels Scooby Doo Series, Popeye, The Flintstone, and Angry Birds and many more.

4. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) Hot Wheels series

For this series Hot Wheels specifically issued Japanese-made car models such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, or Mitsubishi.

This type is a lot of fans. Even the Honda series models are very difficult to find. As an illustration, the type of yellow Honda Civic is valued around 200 thousand Rupiah for collectors even though the retail price is only 50 thousand Rupiah.

5. ZAMAC Hot Wheels

ZAMAC Hotwheel is an abbreviation of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, and Copper. From these four materials, this is the basic material for making this ZAMAC series Hot Wheels.

Actually there are many choices of other hotwheels series on the market. At least by reading this you can know the difference between Hotwheels treasure hunt and ordinary hotwheels.

Happy hunting guys!