Here Are The Hotwheels Car Designers

The boss of Hotwheels designer cars that we often buy and rush to come to Indonesia today . His name is Philip Riehlman and came to Jakarta in the context of the 2019 Southeast Asia Hot Wheels Race which coincided with the 50th Hot Wheels (HW) birthday which was held at the Kasablanca City Mall, South Jakarta. He served as Hot Wheels Die Cast Principal Designer.

His career in HW is the same as half the age of HW itself. He has worked for almost 26 years starting in 1992 after graduating from ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, California.

Since his career at Hotwheels he has worked on more than 200 new HW models for Basics, Premium, RLC and Character cars plus a number of other projects and die cast lines.

“For me, this is a dream job and I feel it is a paid hobby. I was very happy with cars since childhood and I grew up with Hot Wheels. By my parents, I bought cars as most boys my age at that time. And most of them are Hot Wheels, “said the holder of the Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design.

“My collection of toy cars from childhood to adolescence was enormous, because I was very enthusiastic about the world of cars. So one of the reasons I went to college to take the field of study was because I love cars, “he said.

“I also like to draw and my childhood and teenage days are filled with drawing on tablecloths or tissue paper. What is drawn, but generally it is a car, “he added. “This is a pleasant job for me and I am pleased that the work received high appreciation from Hot Wheels lovers,” concluded Philip.