Half a Century Hot Wheels, the Best-Selling Diecast of All Time

As a fan of cars and all the trinkets must be familiar with the Hot Wheels brand. The majority of people might even answer their first ‘car’ collection is a diecast made by Hotwheels.

Diecast brand car from the United States (US) was first introduced 50 years ago at the New York Toy Fair on May 18, 1968. At that time, Hot Wheels introduced a miniature Chevrolet Camaro. The brand now controlled by Mattel then sells a row of diecast muscle cars including Corvette, Cadillac Eldorado, Pontiac Firebird and Ford Mustang, as quoted by Carscoops.

The Diecast made by Hot Wheels is very popular and the company has sold a total of around six billion cars that are identical to the 1:64 scale for five decades. In fact, according to a rough count, Hot Wheels are able to meet the number of mobiles for every person in the world which amounts to 7.6 billion inhabitants.

A lot of things have changed from Hot Wheels in the last half century, except for the real price of toys. Their cars are produced at a cost of around one dollar and the toy company releases at least 130 new models each year.

In the modern era, Mattel produces 17 Hot Wheels every second and around 519 million units per year. Diecast production from the brand with the distinctive orange flag in a year is said to be arranged along 9,656 kilometers.

Diecast Mobil Nissan-Datsun Buatan Hot Wheels (Foto: Carmudi)

No wonder there are currently at least 20 thousand different Hot Wheels models. The most expensive model ever sold was dubbed the ‘Beach Bomb’ for US $ 72 thousand. Fantastic value for a 1:64 scale model.

50th Anniversary of the founding of the Hot Wheels Diecast Car Manufacturer

To celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary, Hot Wheels organizes activities titled Legends Tour in a number of 14 Walmart supermarkets throughout the United States. In addition, Hot Wheels will feature car modification works made like diecast when the famous modification event in the US, SEMA.

Celebrating their existence for five decades, Hot Wheels will again produce the first model that was released in 1968. Mattel as a brand holder company also partnered with Chevrolet to introduce the Camaro 50th Anniversary Edition Hot Wheels.