From Old to Rare, This is the Most Expensive Hot Wheels Toy in the World

HOT Wheels have been victorious since 1968. This figure has even become one of the most popular in the world. Until now, Hot Wheels has released billions of cars in a different way. Hot Wheels collectors also compete to collect all existing Hot Wheels models.

The Richest page launch several models of Hot Wheels have fantastic prices. There are the rarest models, to limited edition items in certain countries.

1. Purple Olds 442

hot wheels

This car with a simple appearance was made in 1971. The color is purple. This is one of the rarest Hot Wheels cars in the Redline era. The collectors did not hesitate to reach deep enough for this model. They don’t even care about the condition of this car, good or bad.

In the 70s, Hot Wheels were generally released in pink or red. Therefore, this purple mini monil has become the target. Now, this Hot Wheels are sold at 12,000 USD.

2. Custom Volkswagen without Sunroof

hot wheels

Hot Wheels, released in 1968, was designed by Ira Gilford and Harry Bradley. The two men are the best designers for Hot Wheels from the 60s to the present. This model was inspired by one of the famous frog cars, the Volkswagen Beetle.

Unlike its inspiration, this car was formed with the front hood of a car that was given a large enough engine. This hood has also been removed. The most released custom cars are the blue ones. However, and the rarest of the times are orange, copper, red and green.

To get this rare Hot Wheels car, you have to pay 14,000 USD

3. Rodger Dodger

hot wheels

Roger Dodger, which was released in 1973, comes with a form inspired by muscle cars in general. Until now, there have been many Rodger Dodger cars that you can get. With yellow, purple and red. However, if you find this car in blue, that’s the rarest type. One car of this type can be sold at a price of 10,000 USD.

4. Cheetah Base Phyton

hot wheels
Ada kode ‘Cheeta’ di bagian bawah mobil. (foto: history)

The car that was inspired by the Corvette Cobra was released in 1968. There is a ‘Cheeta’ code on the bottom of this car.

Python Cheetah Base is one of the rarest Hot Wheels and is made with quite a bit of stock. Currently, you can find this car at a price of 15.000 USD.

5. Rear-Loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb

hot wheels
Harganya mencapai Rp1,4 miliar. (foto: mattel hot wheels)

The actual prototype car from the Volkswagen Beach Bomb was released in the late 60s. You can get this car at a price of tens of millions if you get it with conditions that are not good. However, to get this car in perfect condition, you need to pay a high enough price.

One Hot Wheels Beach Bomb car is paid for by Bruce Pascal, one of the best Hot Wheels collectors in the world, at a price of 100,000 USD.