From Collectors to Makers and Sellers of MotoGP Diecast

Dozens of diecast Moto Grand Prix neatly displayed on the table of Tiar Hermawan (26 yo). The majority of the diecast that he collected was the legend of Valentino Rossi. Starting from the motorbike used by the race, the head protective helmet to other accessories collected by the father of two children.

Tiar familiar greeting explained since 2010 ago began collecting MotoGP diecast. Initially, he had difficulty because of limited information. He even took the time to visit the toy sales center in the city of Jakarta.

“Been to Jakarta looking for relations, but it’s still difficult to find,” he said when met at his home, Jalan Subulus Salam, Kilometer 4.5 North Balikpapan.

Tiar Hermawan collected a number of diecast toys. From a hobby now turned into a profitable business
In his mind, he had bought a racing motorbike diecast for Rp. 2 million. It’s just that, for the sake of a hobby, Tiar is willing to spend deep into buying his favorite diecast.
For the first diecast he had, he still remembered correctly, if he did not spend any money at all because of exchanging a mobile game CoC (Clash of Clans) with a diecast for Rp 1 million.

“I remember that the first time I had this diecast was the same as my CoC id,” he said, showing his first diecast.

Now the difficulty in getting diecast is no longer felt. The proliferation of online sellers allows him to more freely collect his favorite diecast.

Since 2015, Tiar claimed to sell diecast more often than collecting. That’s because he sees a promising opportunity in the business of selling diecast in Indonesia.

“At first, Tiar’s wife disagreed when I collected the diecast. Especially those that cost millions, “said the husband of Desie Bayu Astuti.

Seeing his wife who disapproved of this, made him rack his brain. Until finally, he ventured to make his own MotoGP diecast. Because self-taught, the initial results of his handmade diecast are still not perfect.

“Finally I tried browsing on the internet. Apparently there are special ingredients. So, from there I began to study, “he said.

Now, Tiar is able to make almost all MotoGP diecast, starting from the statue of the rider, the motor used to the helmet. The lowest price of the diecast that he made for Rp150 thousand. That’s for a small size diecast helmet. Whereas the most expensive one set of motorbikes with racers worth Rp.4,5 million which he sold at the Sepang circuit, Malaysia.

“So, if you go to Malaysia to watch MotoGP I will definitely bring a miniature for sale. can quite replace the cost of the road, all the promotional events, “he said.

Not only the domestic market, miniature made by Tiar has been sold abroad several times. Besides Malaysia, there are recorded buyers from Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan and Australia that he has served.

“Yesterday there was just a buyer from Spain. Meanwhile there are also buyers from Italy who are bidding, “he added.

However, Tiar claimed the majority of buyers were still from within the country, especially Java. He mentioned, enthusiasts from Balikpapan already existed. It’s just that the anime is not as high as buyers from Java. “Maybe because it’s still lay here,” he said.

Being asked why many sell miniature Valentino Rossi, Tiar admitted, not because he was fond of the rider who is identical with number 46. However, because The Doctor fans are the most overseas or in Indonesia.

“If only the others are there. Only the most sought after is indeed Valentino Rossi, “concluded Tiar Hermawan