For You Lovers of Toys, Let’s Collect Diecast

Collecting certain items such as toys will give satisfaction to the audience. There are many types of toys that Prelovers can collect. So for those of you who are confused about what you want to collect, let’s just collect diecast. Diecast is a miniature vehicle or rather a miniature vehicle replica. This toy is very unique, because it has a shape that is very similar to the original vehicle. Such as diecast cars, motorcycles, bicycles, planes, helicopters, or heavy equipment (mining vehicles).

Diecast is made from basic materials in the form of metal with a little combination of plastic materials to produce a perfect replica detail. So, even though it has a very mini size compared to the original vehicle, the diecast is very solid in your hand. This is thanks to the use of metal as its basic material. Diecast is priced with a very varied price, starting from the cheapest which is around Rp.50 thousand to the expensive one with prices above Rp1 million. For those of you who just want to collect diecast, start from the cheapest price first or adjust to your budget.

For You Toy Lovers, Let’s Diecast Collection

You can buy a diecast at toy stores, a shop that specializes in selling diecast, or hunting in cyberspace. Prelovers can take advantage of domestic and foreign marketplaces. Usually, the prices offered are quite varied depending on the specifications and quality offered. But if you buy it in an overseas marketplace, the price can be much more expensive.

In addition to being able to satisfy the eyes and hearts of its electrons, collecting diecast is also very exciting because Prelovers can add friendship networks through diecast communities that are widely spread throughout Indonesia, especially in big cities. Or you can also join online communities that are spread in social media like Facebook and Kaskus. Through the community, you can share with other members about the diecast they have, the diecast price, or the latest promo diecast.

Diecast is also divided into several types based on the scale they have. The first is the 1:24 scale which has long been popular with US casters. Then there is also the scale of 1:32 which is the middle size of diecast toys. Then the 1:32 Scale popularized by Corgi in the 1970s. Meanwhile, the scale of 1:48 is more often used to make aircraft replicas. While the smallest scale has a size of 1: 148 which is compatible with the train model. The latter scale, recently gained popularity in the UK because it has a compact composition and size.

Well, for those of you who feel interested in collecting diecast but are confused about where to buy, just buy it here, because here you can find various types and models of diecast with varying prices. And when compared to prices offered by other marketplaces, diecast sold here has lower prices.