For the sake of this Diecast Collector Willingly Sell Two Scooters

Do not underestimate this miniature vehicle (diecast), let alone the collectors. The reason is, there is a fantastic economic value behind the diecast.

This has been proven by Fero Sahetapy. This businessman from Jakarta has been in the world of diecast since 2008. But his love for cars has been seen since he was a child.

“It used to be just buying, then saving it. I had time to buy it for children, after a while he likes and hunts for himself, looks for the seller’s address, he says to the seller ‘papa then transfer’. Finally, I poisoned him,” Fero said, Wednesday ( 10/22/2015), in Jakarta.

Fero Sahetapy showed off one of its collections, the Hot Wheel VW beetle teasure hunt 95.

Spill out thousands of dollars
Initially, Fero bought a diecast that he thought was good. But on the recommendation of a collector’s friend, he decided to only buy certain diecast models, namely the treasure hunt edition, factory sealed, VW beetle and combi, drug bus, and Mitsubishi of all sizes.

To complete the collection, Fero did not hesitate to hunt diecast to overseas including the auction. He tried to attract unique and rare items to Indonesia. For the sake of getting coveted items, he is willing to compete with fellow collector friends. However, he claimed not to buy diecast every month. The “craziest” experience he ever had was to sell two Vespa to make up for his dream collection.

“The price of the collection is sold according to the will of the owner. There have been five Indonesians competing insanely to bid. Sometimes we compromise, ‘You buy this, I buy it’. Once a month runs out of 10,000 USD,” he said.

Fero is willing to sell two favorite scooters to buy a diecast.

Tips for entering an auction
Often participating in auctions, Fero has tips so as not to get caught in the “frying-up” prices. When taking part in the auction, he sees who his opponents are, their track record, and the history of the items (year of production and amount). If the item is rare and the opponent is worth it, he will not hesitate to insist on getting it.

“If there is an open bid for rare items, I immediately bid 300 USD. If anyone follows, I will see the ability of the opponent. If the opponent is balanced, I should be able to get the item. As long as I make an offer,” Fero tips.

Unmitigated, he had bought up five Hot Wheels VW edition beetle treasure hunt 95, each priced at USD200. The reason bought up was because for the first time Hot Wheels released the VW treasure hunt and only produced 12 of them.

At present, the item has been valued at US $ 350. On another occasion, Fero had redeemed the MVOA Hot Wheels drug bus at US $ 800, currently his collection was offered at US $ 1800.

Until now, Fero already has around 25 thousand diecast collections. Although there are many, he still wants to add to the collection and abstinence from selling scarce collections.

“My friend once offered a friend for 1000 USD. But I didn’t sell it. If I sell it later I don’t have any more. I still like to buy diecast anyway. If I stop by the convenience store, I will definitely buy it,” Fero ended his conversation.