Do you know diecast?


Toy car?

What about these brand: hotwheels, matchbox, kinsmart, majorette, tarmac, burago, welly, etc., … surely have known and heard of the first brand … because boys always whine asking to be bought if they go to the convenience store near home or major supermarkets in the city, including my hero.

Quoted from Die-cast is a toy or model that is manufactured using the die-casting method, which means through the process of melting metal or metal to then be poured and printed according to the desired shape. Die-cast metal made of metal (metal) and plastic.

The metal used is usually zamak (mazak) which is an alloy (mixture) of zinc (zinc) and alluminium. Zamak is also known as white metal or metal pot. Toys that usually use the die casting method are usually toy models with a scale such as cars, motorcycles, airplanes, construction equipment or trains. Although actually anything can be made with this method.

The above is the scientific term, but for diecast fans, the uncle and aunt (a term among diecast lovers) don’t really care about the term, because they can be poisoned / addicted if they fall in love with a particular model. Like other hobbyists, fans of birds, fish, classic motorbikes, bicycles, CDs, agate, etc. … often diecast lovers don’t care if the target diecast is valued with money (must be bought / paid) at exorbitant prices, alias is not rational for people in general.

The diecast models that are being loved, such as the Bluebird Datsun, Honda Civic, Mini Morris, Ferrari, are of very high value among pure collectors and collectors. Kolekdol is a term for collectors who are also ready in dol (Java = selling) their collections. On sale? yeah right, this toy although small in shape (usually a scale of 1:64 or more), but has a very good economic value if we can be observant see the opportunity. There are many fellow casters (term diecast lovers) can get extra income from pursuing this diecast business. In fact, many can support their families purely from this diecast business.

I used to be a collector. Throughout my observations while enjoying this toy, to the point of being involved and buying and selling, the velocity of money in the diecast toy business is no joke. In dozens of Facebook groups that I follow, as well as on Instagram, every day there are hundreds of transactions both sale and purchase and auction whose value can be fantastic. There are big auction players in Jakarta who spend 5000-1000 pcs diecast once doing an auction to the diecast lovers. not to mention those who conduct small or medium auctions with a turnover of hundreds of diecast.

Let’s look at the big auctioneer, if 5000 pcs of diecast are being auctioned, the velocity of money that occurs here can reach tens of thousands of dollars. Not to mention if added by the small, medium and the direct sale and purchase transactions … surely the numbers can wow for toys this small.

Prices are also very diverse and tend to be high, even very high for certain items that are hot (the term: hot items). The price of diecast hangers (designation for hotwheels and others that are sold at the mini market / super market hangers) on the market starts from tens of thousands.