Diecast: Just a Toy or Investment?

Alternative investment

Hasil gambar untuk diecast

Continuing my previous post about investing, this time I will discuss about other forms of alternative investment that could be an attractive choice for those who understand the world (read also: The most important aspects of investment).

What alternative investments will I discuss this time? Diecast. What is that? Let us discuss.

Diecast: not just a toy
I raised this discussion actually because it was encouraged by a similar discussion in the June 6 2016 edition of the Kontlo tabloid entitled “Not to play cars”. Very fitting, from the first I want to also discuss the same topic πŸ™‚

For those who are not familiar, diecast is a common designation for miniature cars, motorcycles or other types of vehicles made of metal or metal. Ever know of small cars that are sold in supermarkets with the brand Hot Wheels? Or Match Box and Tomica? Now that’s an example of a diecast, hehehe. The diecast miniature has a scale. If what is usually found in supermarkets (Hot Wheels or Match Box brands) is a miniature with a scale of 1:64.

Diecast fans turned out to be a lot. They are not little kids, they are adult collectors who hunt various interesting miniatures. To the extent that everything is expo. And for 2016 it will be held in October 2016 at Balai Kartini Jakarta.

As data, at a similar event in 2015 which lasted only 2 days, there were more than 10,000 visitors present with a total transaction of around Rp 2 billion. So fantastic.

In fact, if you think about it, this is only children’s toys that cost tens of thousands. πŸ™‚ But you would not have thought that this toy could bring in profits many times over.

Diecast: in my personal perspective
For me, diecast is just a toy that is very popular with my child. Almost every week my child always asks to buy this toy if I accompany him and my wife to shop monthly. As a result now he already has around 200 of these diecast cars.

The right choice of toys for children
For me diecast (scale 1:64) is the right choice of toys for my child because:

The price is cheap. Indeed, the price went up several times, and the last thing I bought was 2 USD. Still relatively inexpensive.
Lots of choices. Happens to children not easily bored. But so I was not concerned with car models. It’s up to the child to choose which one πŸ™‚
Resilient. Yes, this toy is literally resilient πŸ™‚ This is what makes me happy. Want to be slammed back and forth, thrown into the backyard, even trampled on, it’s still okay. Most only beset-beset. Dah durable.
Diecast: in the collector’s perspective
My understanding of a diecast is just a toy that changed when a few years ago I met a friend who turned out to be a diecast collector. The discussion was unintentional but opened my horizons about diecast as an investment tool.

Miniature cars are rare or have a special history
In contrast to me, a collector is concerned with a diecast that is indeed rare and has its own story behind it. The more unique the better.

Example 1: Mitsubishi Evo VII
My friend told me about one of his collections which was being offered by several collectors. The collection is a lemon yellow Evo VII Mitsubishi car. The price when the car was purchased was Rp. 250,000. And the offer that went into him was already at Rp. 750,000. Nominally, it’s small, but as a percentage of profit? That’s 3x the purchase price.

How come? Because it turns out, the car in question is the car used by Paul Walker in the film 2 Fast and 2 Furious. And when our conversation took place, Paul Walker had just died. That’s why the price suddenly skyrocketed.

Example 2: Miniature Ferrari
He also told me that at that time he also collected several miniature Ferrari cars, there were miniature F1 cars and there were also miniature Ferrari sport sedan cars (I forgot the scale of the car anyway). According to him the price of these cars will soon skyrocket, so he is waiting for the right time to start selling.

Why does he believe the price of this collection will soar? Because when our conversation took place, Michael Schumacher was in a coma due to an accident while skiing in the Alps.

Once he died, my friend was sure the price of his collection would soar. This hope is really not true, but that’s how it is in the investment world. Good and bad news has always been a trigger for ups and downs in prices. And finally my friend must be disappointed because until now Michael Schumacher is still alive, hehehe …

Important points of diecast collection and investment
From the explanation above, it is clear that for collectors, diecast is an instrument that is more than just a toy and can be transformed into a profitable investment tool. Interesting, but that does not mean this is i

instrument for everyone.

# 1. For some people, diecast is an investment. For some others, diecast remains an ordinary toy.
Yes, this applies to me. For me, diecast is just a toy for children that lasts long. No more. But for people who are in the world of diecast, understand the diecast market, then this toy is a profitable investment tool.

# 2. A pleasant investment.
His name is also a hobby, if indeed there is a diecast whose price does not increase, it can still be used as a display in the toy cupboard. What less fun try? πŸ™‚ Compare with buying shares. If it turns out the price is dropping, you can only pat your forehead, hehehe …

# 3. Not an investment for everyone.
I am a clear example. If I force myself to go along with entering the world of diecast for investment, I could just be speculating or gambling (read also: Investment vs. Gambling). I don’t understand about the world of diecast apart from the point of view of toys. It could be that the purchase price will be very high to end up only as children’s toys πŸ™‚

# 4. Learn well if you want to try investing.
As with other instruments, learn the ins and outs before finally trying to buy a diecast to invest. This includes understanding the existing market and how diecast prices can move.