Cool Steering Wheel Momo 50 Years Edition Hot Wheels

Kerennya Setir Momo Edisi 50 Tahun Hot WheelsCelebrating its 50th birthday, the Hot Wheels diecast toy car gets a special gift. The present is a special edition limited edition Momo steering wheel, called the Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Steering Wheel.

As a maker of accessories and parts for high performance cars, this Momo steering wheel is certainly very special. Included as a collection item from the design of the Momo Prototipo, the 50-year special edition Hot Wheels steering wheel is clad in Alcantara suede material and sweetened with gold thread that is manually sewn. On the bar there is the official Hot Wheels logo engraved with a laser. The 50-year-old logo can also be found in the middle of the horn.

Henrique Cisneros, chairman of MW Company as the producer of Momo expressed his pleasure and pride. “With Momo taking part in celebrating Hot Wheels 50th anniversary, we really understand how important this achievement is. We are very proud to be able to help well-known brands such as Hot Wheels to commemorate important birthdays, not only 50 years in history, but also 50 years of inspiration fans of all ages, “said Cisneros, quoted from the Motor1 website.

This is not Momo’s first time as a manufacturer of steering wheels and driving devices created for Hot Wheels. Previous collaboration has been made in making special accessories, with Momo as well. Like the steering wheel and transmission lever for real cars that are uniform with the Hot Wheels version. Some models include Bone Shaker and Rip Rod. The creation has been made as many as 50 pairs. However, due to the high demand in the market, the collaboration was then continued by also selling ordinary versions as collector’s items.

For those interested in the special edition of the 50-year-old Momo wheel, Hot Wheels can buy it online at the Momo hotwheels official website. Don’t forget to prepare a fund of around Rp. 6 million ($ 399.95). Cheap enough for a Momo-brand racing wheel and includes a special edition. For collectors of Momo and Hot Wheels releases, this item is of course a shame if you miss it.

Cool Steering Wheel Momo 50 Years Edition Hot Wheels

Since 1968, Hot Wheels held by Mattel have made diecast. Printed metal toy cars, with various brands and models in the world, are so popular. Some even entered the iconic so that the modified version was actually made. That is the reason Hot Wheels, although judged as a toy, has strong links with the world’s automotive industry. That’s why accessory brands like Momo collaborate with Hot Wheels.