Choosing a Diecast Collection: Tips Based on Personal Experience

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What type of diecast is I suitable for collecting? This question is usually sliding from friends who want to start to plunge into the hobby of collecting diecast. Including me. Even now, after 5 years of collecting, I still like to worry, aka wishy-washy to switch from collecting scale / brands from one to another. Flashback at the beginning of collecting diecast, all I know is the Hot Wheels and Matchbox brands. Because these 2 diecast brands are the easiest to find. After I joined the Indodiecast forum and diligently came to the community gathering at the SM Tomoci event in both Senayan and the Indocement Building, then my eyes opened and I found out that there were lots of diecast models and brands based on both scale and price. Starting from the price of thousands to millions, ranging from 1: 150 scale to 1:12 scale. Based on this experience I want to share stories, especially for colleagues who want to start the hobby of collecting diecast. Once again, this story is based on my personal experience, it could be that the contents of this blog are different from the experiences of other colleagues

Here are some tips that can be used as a guide in collecting diecast:


There are many scales in the per-diecast world. starting on a scale of 1:12 up to 1: 155. Scale 1:12 to 1:18 you could say the scale of the kings. Because this diecast model usually has a good level of detail to an extraordinary level. The price also varies from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. In Indonesia, the most outstanding is a scale of 1:18 (car length of about 36/38 cm). For 1:12 scale usually only owned by first-class collectors because of the quality and price that can make goosebumps. Next scale 1:24 and 1:32 scale. Some friends call the scale 24 is a scale of responsibility between a scale of 1:18 and 1:43. If the 1:18 scale is too large / expensive and the scale of 1:43 is too small, then the 24 and 32 scale is an alternative to be collected. Standard features are usually doors, hood and luggage can be opened. Although the details cannot yet match the scale of 1:18, except for a few specific brands.

The 1:43 scale is probably one of the most scaled diecast collector scale. Besides the price that is still affordable, the details are quite good even for some brands very detailed even though the price is approaching a 1:18 scale diecast. The main feature is usually equipped with a display case (from acrylic). While the drawback is that most models at this scale for doors, hood and trunk cannot be opened, except for a few models.

Next is the most popular scale, the scale 1:64. Most popular because this scale is the easiest to find on the market. Not only used as a collection but also to be played because the original 64 scale models are toys for children. Some of these scales have hood features and doors can be opened. There is also a scale of 1:48 or 1:50 which is often used for trucks and buses and heavy equipment.

The last scale is 1:87 to 1: 155. This scale is known as the scale model of cayenne pepper. Although the shape of the model is small, but the details are quite impressive depending on the manufacturer’s brand. Usually models at this scale are the most widely made for dioramas, because of their small size and quite a lot of supporting accessories. Although most of these models are made of plastic, they are still considered to be in the diecast family.

The following comparison between diecast model scales:

Price and Brands

I will only discuss some of the most well-known brands among Diecaster (as diecasters are selected) in Indonesia starting on the 1:18 scale. Some well-known brands at this scale include: Kyosho, BBR, Auto Art, Minichamps, Universal Hobbies, Shelby Collectibles, Norev, and Hot Works with prices ranging from 1 to 5 million and above. For prices under 1 million there are brands such as: Maisto, Jada Toys, Bburago, Yatming, Hot Wheels, ERTL and Welly. This price is not binding, because it depends on the quality, uniqueness and scarcity of the model itself. The advantage of this scale is the incredible detail that can even approach the original car model, especially if the output of the top brands that I mentioned above.

Next scale 1:24. For this scale, what is dominated in Indonesia is output from Maisto, Jada Toys, Bburago, Motor Max, Mondo Motor, Yatming, ERTL, Greenlight and Welly. The price is in the range of 500 thousand down, except for certain models that are considered rare, can be up to millions. Other brands with prices above 500 thousand are Hot Works, Aoshima, Franklin Mint, M2M Machines and Unique Replicas.

scale of 1:43. For brands that are well known include: Auto Art, Kyosho, Minichamps, Ixo Models, Spark, Schuco, Jcollection, Norev, Tomytec and Ebbro. The price range from 200 thousand to 700 thousand can even reach millions. For the price range of 200 thousand and below, there are brands such as Welly, Rastar, Cararama, Kinsmart, and HighSpe