Benefits of Playing Cars for Children

diecastDo not hesitate to buy your baby toy cars. It turns out that cars have many benefits for the development of your child. As we know, children learn about their world by imitating the adults around them and through playing. That is why the child development and development sessions use a lot of time to play as an observation tool. Because playing is more fun for children than having to fill in paperwork. Including when playing cars, like diecast.

According to Rachel Trost licensed therapist who graduated from the University of Michigan, when playing in cars there are several areas of targeted development of children’s skills:

1. Cognition
Children learn about causal relationships such as when their cars fall in the connecting lane. The child also learns to mark the basic parts of the car.

2. Fine hand and motor skills
Strengthen the ability to coordinate between the child’s hands and eyes and increase the ability of hand dexterity when assembling the cars. Consider giving cars that need to be strung together to stimulate this ability.
Improve coordination and the ability of hand dexterity when repairing cars that are damaged using toy equipment.
Practice the use of both hands simultaneously when turning the steering wheel of a car.

3. Gross motor skills
Increases strength and coordination when climbing in and out of body-sized cars.

4. Language and speech skills
Your child learns vocabulary from car parts (wheels, steering wheel, seat belts, doors, keys, etc.)

5. The concept of early learning
Walk / stop, fast / slow, on / off, down / up, smooth / bumpy, etc.

After knowing the benefits, now you certainly do not hesitate to complete your child’s collection of toys with cars. One product that is quite well-known for this type of toy toy is the Elbow diecast. Diecast is a toy that is made according to the original model using iron, aluminum, magnesium, copper, or lead. The advantages of toy cars of this type are solid, rustproof, and lightweight so that it lasts longer. Diecast Siku is a well-known toy product from Germany that produces an average type of toy cars. This type of option is now widely available in stores that sell the Elbow diecast.

When playing together, you will be amazed to see its development. The ability of the fingers and hands when exploring his toys has grown much faster than when he was a baby. The right toys like diecast types will satisfy him and challenge him for more challenging “tasks”. When their babies play more by shaking, slamming, or throwing their toys. Now the concept of playing pretend starts. They seemed to drive original cars when playing with various kinds of diecast. This will help stimulate his imagination.

Now you certainly have no doubt about what they can learn from the cars. We sell a variety of diecast including the Elbow diecast as a toy option for your little one.

Have fun playing and having fun with your little one!