7 Cool Facts About Hot Wheels That Are 50 Years Old

Hot Wheels are miniature cars that are loved by people all over the world. Children and adults, many who like Hot Wheels.

Oh yeah, my friends already know, Hot Wheels is already 50 years old, lo! This toy was first introduced in 1968.

Hot Wheels birthday is celebrated every May 18. Besides that fact, there are still 7 cool facts about Hot Wheels, what are you doing? Let’s find out.

Fact 1 – First Hot Wheels

The first Hot Wheels to launch were the dark blue Camaro Custom, while the first Hot Wheels for sale were Sweet 16.

Fact 2 – Most expensive hot wheels

The price of a Hot Wheels varies, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. However, there is a Hot Wheels called Beach Bomb which is sold at 72,000 US dollars.

If converted into rupiah (currently the exchange rate of rupiah with the dollar is 14,580) the price of the Hot Wheels is the same as Rp.1,049,760,000.

Fact 3 – 20,000 Variations

Over time, Hot Wheels are made increasingly varied. If calculated, there are now 20,000 variations of Hot Wheels.

Fact 4 – Hot Wheels Most Purchased

Hot Wheels is one of the most purchased toys. This toy is sold in more than 150 countries in the world.

Of the many Hot Wheels, Darth Vader is one of the most widely purchased Hot Wheels, among other Hot Wheels.

Fact 5 – Hot Wheels The Size of an Original Car

Hot Wheels made the size of the first original car is the Twin Mill which was made in 2001. Until now, there have been 20 Hot Wheels made for the size of the original car.

Fact 6 – Hot Wheels Production

Every second, there are around 16 Hot Wheels produced. In one week, there are 10 million Hot Wheels produced. In one year, there are 519 million Hot Wheels produced.

If Hot Wheels production from 1968 until now is calculated, the number could reach more than 6 billion.

Facts 7 – 50 Hot Wheels

Children in the United States have an average of 50 Hot Wheels. If you have how many Hot Wheels?

Those are 7 cool facts about Hot Wheels, children’s toys in the form of miniature cars that turned out to be 50 years old.