Best Car Diecast Brands

The car enthusiasts who love cars must be familiar with the term Diecast. Diecast is not just a toy car, but also a miniature car with details that resemble the original car, so many people make it a collection item. The price also varies, some even hundreds of millions of rupiah, you know! For those of you who want to collect this diecast, let’s look at some of the best brands of diecast cars that can be used as collections!

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is a diecast brand. This diecast was first created by Elliot Handler, one of the toy makers in the leading toy company, Mattel, in January 1968. This Hot Wheels brand is already 50 years old, you know! The first product issued by hot wheels was the Custom Camaro diecast model, then, several other hot wheels models emerged, such as Barracuda, Corvette, Mustang, and Deora. The first 16 cars released by hot wheels were referred to as “the original 16” or “sweet sixteen”.

Hot Wheels provides a variety of diecast with various sizes, for example 1: 64.1: 24 to 1:18 with interesting details and features, such as doors and hood that can be opened. The price also varies, ranging from Rp20 thousand to hundreds of millions of rupiah, depending on the details and size of the diecast itself. The most expensive hot wheels ever sold were hot wheels with a pink rear-loading Volkswagen Beach Bomb model in 1969 which was sold at US $ 72,000 or around 939 million rupiah. The most expensive hot wheels bought by Bruce Pascal, one of the most famous hot wheels collectors in America, are claimed to have around 3,500 types of ordinary hot wheels and around 175 types of hot wheels limited edition. Wow!


Besides Hot Wheels, there is also a diecast with the Tomica brand. Claimed to have the same class as hot wheels, Tomica is a brand of one of the major toy manufacturers from Japan. Tomica was first launched in 1970 by the toy company Tomy Kogyo Company Inc. which is specialized in making diecast toys for children. Since the beginning of its appearance, Tomica output cars are known for their detailed ability in making car diecast. Initially, they only made 6 types of cars, namely the Toyota Corona Mark II, Datsun Bluebird SSS Coupe, Toyota Crown police sedan, Toyota Crown Super DL, Toyota 2000 GT, and Datsun Fairlady.

Not only a favorite in Japan, Tomica also managed to penetrate the American market. The scale models issued by Tomica are mostly 1:65 size, although they also issued several models with sizes of 1: 154 and 1:25.

The diecast car released by Tomica does look a bit more detailed compared to Hot Wheels, but this turns out to have an impact on the price of its diecast which is relatively higher compared to hot wheels.

Tomica divides its diecast series into several types, such as the premium series with better details, the Tomica Dream series which features cars in anime such as Initial D, the Regular Tomica that makes general cars such as Honda Jazz, Suzuki Wagon R up to Toyota Avanza, and Tomica Limited Vintage which features a collection of famous vintage cars.


Matchbox was first produced and marketed in 1953 by Lesney Products and was first created by Jack Odell. This toy itself was inspired by Anne, Odell’s daughter. At Anne’s school at the time there was a prohibition on carrying toys that could not fit into a matchbox. So, in 1952, Odell made a miniature road-roller from Aveling Barford in shiny red and green. Anne’s peers were very interested in this toy and finally Odell decided to mass produce this toy together with Lesney Products.

Matchbox was under a British license before it was finally bought and reproduced by Mattel Inc., and became a holding company with Hot Wheels. The price offered by Matchbox is not much different from hot wheels, but matchbox cars have a relatively smaller size of 1:75. The colors chosen for Matchbox car products are very attractive, and one of the things that distinguishes them from other brands of diecast is because they also issue heavy vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps, and tow trucks. In 1999, there were several Matchbox car models that were sold at quite fantastic prices, namely the Apple green Mercedes-Benz 250SL model which was sold at 4100 Pounds Sterling and the red Vauxhall Victor model that was sold at 3000 Pounds Sterling.