5 Ways to Make Diecast Hot Wheels Toys Cool

The modifications turned out to not only target vehicles but also diecast toys like Hot Wheels. We shared stories and tips related to Hot Wheels modification for collectors to add to the uniqueness of their Hot Wheels collection.

Ijal said on Monday, February 19, 2019, that the uniqueness and value of Hot Wheels was influenced by three things, namely the type of Hot Wheels that were owned (Hot Wheels replica of real cars like Morris, Ferrari, Toyota, had higher values ​​than others), who was the person who modified them? The Hot Wheels and Event Cars (Hot Wheels that have been modified in such a way as to represent the event.

The more famous the event, the higher the selling price. For example, the Indonesia Diecast Ex Car Event recorded a record of 33 million rupiah Hot Wheels auction. Anything that can be done to start modifying Hot Wheels.

1. Tire replacement. Built-in tires for each Hot Wheels are generally made of plastic. The initial stage of modification can be started by replacing these tires with rubber tires that can be purchased separately at e-commerce or other online stores.

2. Repaint. The next step is to repaint the Hot Wheels you have. You can use spray paint and choose the desired style, for example one color, two colors, or gradation colors.

3. Add Hot Wheels Decal. Decal plays an important part to make Hot Wheels more attractive.

There are three types of decal that are usually used to modify Hot Wheels, namely Clear Decal, specifically for Hot Wheels with a white base color so the colors will come out more.

There is also a White Decal that can be used for all colors of Hot Wheels, but must be detailed when cutting the decal. There is also White Toner, the customizer’s favorite decal, the base is a clear decal with white ink.

4. Important small details. Adding small details to the lights or window list can give a different touch. These details can be added to the paint used for Tamiya or marker markers.

5. Custom Pieces. This can usually only be done by the Customizer’s capable ability. Because, they can make the doors, windows or hood of the Hot Wheels open, and some can even make installations to turn on the lights of their Hot Wheels.