3 Unique Hot Wheels Facts You Need to Know

Hot Wheels

Toys that are a favorite of children until today are always waiting for their latest collections. Every year, Hot Wheels releases a different toy car.

But did you know that Hot Wheels have never likened the toy car model it manufactures? Wow, unexpected! Well for those of you who are curious about other facts, see the review here.

Hot Wheels are 50 years old

This toy, which is often called Die Cast, turns out to be 50 years old! Hot Wheels was founded in January 1968 by co-founder Elliot Handler. The company that sheltered it, Mattel at that time had to have a surefire strategy in which Matchbox products became a tough competitor. The first product was named the Camaro Custom.

One collector has an average of 1,500 cars

As explained earlier, Hot Wheels is not only loved by children. Adults also become collectors or true fans of Hot Wheels. The average Hot Wheels owned by collectors reach 1,500 cars! Even when selling the original edition of ‘Sweet 16’, there were orders from Kmart buyers of up to 50 million cars.

Hot Wheels Present Realistically

Not only packed with the form of toys, Hot Wheels are also present in real life in the midst of fans. For example, Luis Rodriguez, a lover of American Hot Wheels who built Hot Wheels the size of a real car and named 2JetZ. In addition there is a Giant Blister, a wall measuring 35 square meters. Fans can take pictures using the original car like Hot Wheels!