2 Tricks On “Parking” Diecast Collection

The hobby of collecting diecast has been proven to stimulate creativity. Take the example of how to save.

Given the scarcity of items owned, many collectors who keep their favorite “car” always in the storage box. Although, not a few who prefer to unite some of the collection diecast into one rack to resemble a diorama. The problem that then arises, is usually the problem area of ​​the shelf.

Specifically for this method of storage, there are two commonly applied methods, such as the Diecast-Utopia website.

Creative in a “Parking Lot” Style

Arranging cars in a straight line and placing one car next to other cars can be very boring. We can be more creative by providing “spices.” For example, parking one or two vehicles in opposite positions or arranging a diecast line 60 degrees.

This method will indeed reduce the “parking lot” quota, but instead opens more corners to enjoy the “cars”. Tilting the wheel or opening the door can also make it more real. Because these things are often found in real parking lots.

Arrange Tidy Like “Showroom”

Well, composing diecast with showroom style has more challenges. First of all, this theme needs enough shelf space. Because as we know, the showroom will arrange the cars that it sells nicely with certain angles and distances to make it look attractive to consumers.

Not to mention, every real showroom has its own standards about global display.

Before reaching the detailed stage, preparation can begin with the determination of the theme. Whether it’s grouping cars from brands that are circulating within a certain period of time so that they can create official miniature showrooms or become “general importers” who play with exotic sports cars from various brands.