Investment on Diecast, A Handy Guide

This time we discuss some important tips regarding investment, more specifically Hot Wheels because that is the most common in Indonesia. These hot wheels are everywhere and easy to find. But usually some types are very difficult to find or even no longer produced. Usually for these types can directly produce even a few models such as the Bugatti Veyron or the Ferrari special series, like this Enzo Ferrari, can be hundreds of thousands or even reach millions of prices now. This is what could be your reason or justification for “investing hot wheels”. 😎 Principle: Buy cheap, sell expensive and get profit.

Hot Wheels Nissan GTX can be sold with a profit of 30-50% if you can hang it.

Well, if talking about investment, it involves the future. What we do now that can still be worth / have profit in the future. Do not forget the value or profit here can be in the form of material but can also be emotional. This concept is basic in all types of investment in collectible goods and is very important because it will determine our strategy going forward.

The easiest example: If we invest in hot wheels because we want to one day enjoy the hot wheels-hot wheels that we have bought for years, then we are a hobbyist. Well, this hobbyist means we are actually customers or who consume HAPPINESS given the hot wheels. Hehe. Yes, once again that’s also an investment, more precisely an emotional investment. Our money that has been bought for many years by hot wheels is exchanged for the satisfaction given when we enjoy our collections.

Display in the office makes cool

Well, what if our goal is to make money? Or as a business? Maybe friends who are reading this more direction yes. Hehe. Nothing wrong with that. And indeed these hot wheels can be very profitable in the long run. So once again, if we want to invest but it is not clear what it wants to be in the future or the mindset of “see you later” means we are still not wise. So check out these hot wheels investment tips that produce! I also tried the problem again. Ha ha. Justification to wife

1. Know which types of Hot Wheels are profitable
Well, this is also basic. And the trouble is, it’s rather subjective to the market. In Asia and Indonesia, this trend is shifting more towards Japanese car manufacturers. Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, etc. The strategy here is to focus on finding the lowest prices for these cars. Because of their high demand, these cars are usually already expensive in the stalls online. So often the cheapest is a regular stall alias shop. Example: This Nissan Skyline on the hanger can hit 29,900 but online around 49,900. 67% margin!

Social media can also be a place to survey and check the waves of goods that are hot. Follow the masters of Indonesian hot wheels for ideas.

2. Know where to find
Well, if the first point was emphasized in type, the second point about location. Usually there are in toy stores or bookstores. The problem is, the shopkeeper also knows. So if you’re not really lucky, this kind of stuff has to be hung up, it’s quite difficult. One strategy that is quite tired but can margin is Hunting, especially if playing to smaller cities. The smaller the city, the greater the opportunity for good goods. At that time I got good things at a small toy store on top😃. The usual price of the alias 29,900 hangers earlier.

The following hunting is online. Many shanties love low prices that can be used to scoop up margins. The margin here can be 10-20% and can be used for a quick win strategy. The rule is just not to sell at the same stalls because it certainly can’t compete with the big ones. That is, buy in BL, sell in Carousel or TP or Bli2. If you have this the model can be two: Buy break up or dropship.

Buy Break Up
If buying is broken, it means we order as much as we can, we will make sure we send it to the buyer. There is good. Because we have controls for excellent customer service. Delivery can also be fast, especially if it’s just starting and the order is still small. The point is that if you follow the rule no. 1 above, someone will want to buy it.

Now if dropship means we are working with the supplier earlier. Make sure he wants to be invited to dropship so there is no harm in chatting first. After that, also make sure the customer service is ok and fast delivery, neat packing, and so on. One more point about dropship is ensuring stock. Do not arrive at the order already, we confirm, eh the goods are gone. So a negative review instead. So communication with suppliers must be smooth. Many are successful using this strategy. The important thing is to be diligent in finding end users, or buyers. It also really depends on number one.

3. Hot Selling Custom Wheels
If this level is even more advanced. Buy cheap, modif (don’t forget the calculated capital), then sell at custom prices. Usually if there are two custom ways, sell