Knowing the term of Die Cast and Figurines in the world of toys.

Die cast metal is a toy or model that is manufactured using the die casting method, which means that through the process of melting metal then poured to be printed in accordance with the desired shape.

In the development era Die cast metal is made of metal (metal) and now there is also Die Cast which is made of plastic does not mean all is made of plastic but only as an element of supporting material, such as glass, tire or interior components.

The metal used is usually zamak (mazak) which is an alloy (mixture) of zinc (zinc) and alluminium. Zamak is also known as white metal or metal pot. Toys that usually use the die casting method are usually toy models with a scale such as cars, motorcycles, airplanes, construction equipment or trains.

Although actually anything can be made with this method. For the first time I will explain what the diecast is. Diecast is a form of mold / material derived from iron, aluminum, magnesium, copper or lead. In the miniature world of motorized vehicles, diecast becomes the main ingredient due to the superiority of the manufacturing material. The advantages include solid, easily shaped, rust resistant and lightweight.

Diecast in a miniature world

Everyday there has been a shift in meaning from the word diecast. Many people assume that the diecast is a small toy car from the Hotwheel brand, even though this is not all true. Now we move on to other supporting materials. For making a miniature motorized vehicle that is inseparable from plastic materials, this plastic serves to replace the diecast function on certain motor vehicle parts, for example on glass, tires or the interior of a motorized vehicle.

Each manufacturer has different diecast and plastic comparisons to produce their miniatures. There is more diecast, there is more plastic. This affects the selling value of the miniature produced, if the percentage of metal is very dominant, detailed and very fine, the price of Die Cast toys also becomes very expensive especially produced by well-known and branded toy manufacturers.

Here are the well-known manufacturers who have been producing Die Cast for toys or for item collectors.

Dicky Toys
Dicky Toys is a toy manufacturer that produces a lot of Die Cast such as police cars, big trucks, containers, heavy vehicles, construction vehicles, commercial cars, sports cars, family cars, private cars, motorboats, ships, airplanes, helicopters, etc. . Model toys from Dicky Toys Very much so you can freely choose toys. Children’s toys production of Dicky Toys Made of lightweight metal in combination with high-quality plastic so that it looks smooth in detail and durable, its weight is quite light, you can collect it for your favorite children’s toys. With affordable prices and good quality you will be satisfied playing the Die Cast collection of Dicky Toys Production.

Geoworld toys are famous for their production of very complete miniatures or Dinosaur Figurines, ranging from T-rex, Pachycephalosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tylosaurus, Corythosaurus, Styracosaurus etc. This toy is suitable for your child’s educational activities to learn about the history of Dinosaurs from Ancient times and make their imagination and fantasy develop.

Newray is a company from Hongkong that produces miniatures ranging from motorcycles, ATVs, cars, to airplanes. Many are interested in collecting Newray products because the price is quite cheap and the quality of a miniature that is worthy of collection

Maisto is a company that has long been in the miniature world. The products produced are miniature motors and cars with a scale of 1:64, 1:24, 1:18, 1:10

Ixo is a producer from China that is also quite calculated. Ixo products include miniature motorcycles and cars with scales ranging from 1:24, 1:12 and 1:18

Kyosho is a Japanese company that produces miniature cars and RCs. The quality of the products produced is very good

Bburago is a miniature producer that counts enough. The products produced are mostly miniature cars with a scale of 1:24 and 1:18. Bburago also produces miniature motorcycles, but in my opinion in terms of quality, it’s better to choose Maisto. Latest information, Maisto and Bburago have become one of the same companies, although they still put their respective names on the products produced

Saico products most commonly found. Usually leading hyperstores sell Saico and Maisto products. Saico products include miniature 1:18 motors and 1:43 cars

Minichamps is a German manufacturer that produces miniatures with high quality and detail. Products produced include minia